The organization’s main approach is on integrated approaches towards wildlife conservation linking the sector to other sectors including inter alia, Climate Change, population, law enforcement and forestry (REDD+).

It is a new organization led by spirited and result oriented young people to fill in the following specific gaps;

  1. Presently there are no network/platform bringing together experts on all the key economic, media, political, academic and environmental/wildlife sectors to work together towards developing the country while at the same time achieving general environmental sustainability. Most groups that exist are engaged among themselves or the people already within their specific fields. ASNET providing this platform will, ideologically, link these major sectors and use this, in the long run, to lobby and carry out board room type of advocacy through initiatives that will always be proactive.
  2. In Kenya now, another major threat to wildlife habitats is the invasive species. While this is a problem, there is no organization that solely focuses on invasive species and this will be a huge problem in the near future. Parthenium for instance, started negligibly roughly 7 years back, it was not taken seriously back then and right now, it is sprawling and spreading at an uncontrollable rate. We are however, doing all that is possible raising awareness and experimenting the best way to get rid of it.
  3. Media is also a tool not properly utilized by wildlife or environmental organizations and for this reason; they are not effectively empowered to create more awareness on key environmental or wildlife issues. The only time it sells is when a natural calamity occurs.
  4. Promoting improved public perceptions on matters environment, climate change and wildlife conservation through expeditions and nature based exploration.
  5. We are also taking wildlife conservation to the arts and entertainment industry. We have a partnership already on training young and upcoming film producers and actors on covering environmental issues. We are also working on a sustainable wildlife and environmental sustainability award scheme to promote good practice and improve Kenyans and East Africans perceptions towards wildlife conservation.
  6. On baseline surveys for different initiatives, we will be partnering with key stakeholders and the public, through media, on reviewing past case scenarios, status quo and future worst case scenarios and interventions some of which will be through policies.
  7. We will also be reviewing the performance and implementation status of different policies in the environmental and wildlife sector.
  8. Our current programmes are; Climate Smart Agriculture, Public sensitization on wildlife and environmental conservation through nature based expedition initiative the African Gypsy, Environmental sustainability award scheme, Media empowerment programme, Youth Arts Entertainment.

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