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Community based organization

African Sustainability Network.org

Passion to serve our community
We are a network of millions of people fighting for change. Our main area of concern is: Community, Climate, Human Rights, Environment, Advocacy, Food, Protection, Public health, Shelter, Water, Medicine, Health, women, children, and more.With your help, We can give the needy in our communities what we’d want for ourselves and our loved ones. We are inspired to give back to our community and help those in need and improving on what is lacking. While ensuring sustainability projects that help the community are in place.

African Sustainability Network.org | Community based organization

Our Practice Areas

  • Support charity

    We help fellow nonprofits access the funding, tools, training, and support they need to serve their communities.

  • Help vulnerable children

    We  partner with societies to ensure most vulnerable children and families are provided with support they need.

  • Reduce poverty

    In order for a community to alleviate poverty, all groups and identities must be involved in creating solutions. 

  • Care of Enviroment

    Resilience against climate change is important and Commitment to climate change on carbon emissions.

Group of happy African children from Masai tribe, Kenya, Africa. Maasai tribe inhabiting southern Kenya and northern Tanzania, and they are related to the Samburu.
African Sustainability Network.org

Mission Statement

Our nonprofit works in partnership with governments, businesses, religious organizations, and others to help the community, with a focus on environment, hungry children, women and the elderly.

  • Mission

    Our aim is to create opportunities so these children and young people can have the help and support needed to dream bigger. 

  • Vision

    We want to help the children and young people in Africa. We partner with grass root organizations to ensure donations go where needed.

  • Your Donation

    When you donate and give of your time, you're helping and making a big difference in lives of so many children and community in need. We are helping to build a brighter and more positive future, full of possibilities.